Why Should I Waste My Time In Ashburton?

Ashburton, located on the south island of New Zealand, is a tourist attraction. A mix of heritage and culture with a blend of adventure is a perfect tourist spot for any. Here is a list of ten activities that you can enjoy in Ashburton.

1. The air history

The history of aviation dates back to the second world war. The aviation center was a training base in the war. The Ashburton Aviation Museum showcases various elements that transport the visitor to the war base.

2. Trotts garden

Have you ever heard that a local garden has international significance? Yes, it is true. Totts garden is one suck spot that has captioned attention from the world. It stands so beautiful till date that many celebrations take place here every day.

hakatere conservation park


3. Hakatere conservation park

Six thousand hectares long, the conservative park has offered various activities for visitors. One can plan and spend their whole day here and take an adventure ride.

4. Ashburton domain

Ashburton domain stands as a highlight of the town. It is a cricket stadium that recorded its first match in 1884. Many visitors visit this place to learn about the world of cricket. Even today, the old stadium remains highly maintained and is beautiful to entertain any visitor. One can look around the garden or just take a nature walk. It’s a spot for all.

5. Plain vintage railway and museum

If trains are your dream, this is the next addition to your bucket list. The plain vintage railway and museum hold various exhibits from the British colonization. It also displays the railway history of New Zealand, which one may not want to miss. One can also enjoy the pioneer village and the rural account associated with the rails.

6. Smithfield berries

If berries are to your taste, visit Smithfield berries. Pick the fresh farm berries around the field or shop some of the stores. One can also try berry tasting in the area or consider visiting the bakery.

7. Art gallery

New Zealand is home to nature, and one of the elements of nature is art. Various art exhibits highlight the art gallery inspired by history, nature, and ideas around the world. It represents the culture of the country.

8. CharRees Vineyard

CharRees VIneyard is a private boutique that grows grapes in mid-canterbury. The climatic condition is favorable for the growth of grapes and somehow gives them an edge over other plantations. The owners of the particular vineyard harvest the grapes and sell them. It is also used to create drinks for the locals. The vineyard offers wine tasting sessions on Sunday, which is a delight.

EA Network center


9. EA Network center

Dedicate a day to fitness. EA network center is a fitness arena,  It allows gyming activities, swimming, and much more. One can enroll in the holiday program or a day fitness tour or can spend a few days. The fitness expertise guides you through creating an overall fitness track.

10. The lake hood

The lake hood is the attraction point to many tourists. One can swim, take a boat ride or simply enjoy the beauty of New zealand. It is a pool of activities that one can enjoy at the lake.

Discover nature with the twist of adventure. Visit Ashburton.