Fishing And Hunting Trips South Island NZ

New Zealand offers a wide variety of outdoor activities around the country while accommodating travellers in luxury accommodations wherever they go. Hunting and fishing are prevalent in the South Island and hosts some of the best events every year for enthusiasts. Queenstown will open the games for some of the best trophy hunting and fishing adventures with programs that will ensure you are involved in safe hunting and fishing activities. There are custom-designed itineraries designed by local guides that will also ensure that you have time to explore the landscapes while you are here.

Hunting Trips


Fishing in South Island

Queenstown offers ample fishing options to guarantee quality time next to the lakes, while you can also camp nearby and trek next to the rivers. The local guides and tourism agencies will manage your entire itinerary for as many days as you want, so you can relax and enjoy your fishing time without any disturbance. You can also opt for private fishing tours where you can schedule your own time and relax in solitude.

Fishing seasons in New Zealand lasts from October to May, where you will have to make prior reservations with the local guides to get the best spots around the freshwater lakes and rivers. In summer, you can visit the South Island for fishing for river fly fishing or arrive in winter for boat and deep-sea fishing. With the help of professional fishermen and tour guides, you can plan your itineraries ahead to reserve the best spots for fishing.

Hunting in South Island

New Zealand is also a popular destination for hunting events and boasts some of the best trophy hunting events globally. If you are more of a hunter, Southern Lakes are surrounded by a wide variety of hunting opportunities. You can find guides and hunting programs offered by the locally registered agencies that will take care of everything from your accommodation to taking you to the best hunting spots. You can also find shooting ranges where you can practice your target shooting before you head for the hunting events.

Since New Zealand is a hunter friendly destination, you can bring your own conventional sporting firearm to the country. There are 12 species available in big game hunting in New Zealand, including Austrian Chamois, Sika Deer, Rusa Deer, Sambar, Fallow Deer, Red Deer, Wild Bulls, Wild Pig, and South Pacific Goat. You can clear your guns by registering yourself for any of the hunting programs and reporting the same while arriving at Auckland International Airport.

You can also find six water-foul species in New Zealand: Paradise, Mallard, Black Swan, Greater Canadian Goose, and Grey and Shoveler Duck.

You may book a guided hunt with the local tour programs or get a pass to explore the wilderness solo while tracing your trophy. You are guaranteed a fair chase and excitement that you expect from a hunting vacation in both cases.