10 Best Scenic Flights In New Zealand – Let’s Take A Flight

New Zealand is the blessing of nature. One can experience Snow-filled mountains and lake views, the steaming volcano, and sand-filled beaches. It is a hub for nature’s most unique and beautiful form on the earth.

With such a view, Why not consider scenic flights in New Zealand? Here is a list of the ten best scenic flights in New Zealand. Let’s add some to your bucket list.

Scenic Flights

1.   Milford Sound

Let’s check out first place on the bucket list. Milford Sound is a beautiful mountain range that has the touch of glaciers. The beautiful mountains filled with greenery on every inch look eye-catching from the sky. One may not want to miss a place like this. The melting glaciers add to the beauty of the mountains.

2.   Franz Josef Glacier

Another mountain view can be described as once epic love. The mountain view from the top added by the river that flows makes every nerve of your body calm down. It is no less than meditating to see this beauty from the sky.

3.   Aoraki Mt Cook National Park

One can never miss the view of New Zealand’s largest glaciers, lake, and tallest peak. Aoraki Mt Cook National Park is the highest peak of New Zealand, and one can enjoy this only from the scenic flight. The snow-covered mountains and melting glaciers are the two most eye-catching evolution of nature.

4.   Tongariro National Park

Volcanoes are breathtaking only if they are this beautiful. One can enjoy the volcanoes of Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe, and Mount Tongariro with blue vibrate lakes and open mountain peaks.

5.   Abel Tasman National Park

If you ever dreamt of falling from the peak and landing on the most beautiful oceans, then Abel Tasman National Park will be your next addition to the bucket list. The national coastline of New Zealand is photogenic on its own.

6.   Canterbury Plains

If you ever thought watching nature from the top is too expensive. This place is your go. Canterbury plains are like any plains that reflect the green side of the country. One can simply hop on a hot air balloon and enjoy the day with Canterbury plains.

7.   Queenstown

The most head of Queenstown, south island, is our next place. The combined nature of New Zealand is found here. You may take a ride anywhere, and you will find a heart following you.

8.   Lake Taupo

Meet the essence of the town Taupo, the northern islands, and Lake Taupo. The lake is the result of old volcanic eruptions, which makes this lake steaming hot to visit.

Lake Taupo

9.   Auckland

The beauty of this city lies in the deep-rooted volcanic cones and islands near the town. The city stands as one of the most attractive spots in New zealand.

10.  Kaikoura

Before the whale drives back to the deep sea, keep your camera ready. Whales are the attraction to the shores of the Kaikoura land. One may not want to miss this scene.

Now let’s update your wish list and add new items to your bucket.